Skin Deep POSTER

It is with great pride that I present the Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons POSTER.

The new Skin Deep movie poster designed by Sam Smith.

The new Skin Deep movie poster designed by Sam Smith.

This poster is our documentary’s calling card, the image and text that will draw an audience in, intrigue them, set the stage before they open their heart to hear our message of empathy and scientific evidence.

Thanks to generous donations from the Morgellons community we were able to hire world-renowned graphic artist Sam Smith, a designer who has created countless covers for the Criterion Collection films. And now Sam has created this little work of graphic genius, an image which evokes medical mystery, controversy and distortion—themes which echo the specifics of the Morgellons controversy.

It has always been my goal in making this documentary to highlight intrigue without implying conspiracy, to emphasize controversy without devolving into sensationalism, to give both sides of the debate screen time to say why the other side is delusional, and to ultimately—after the film draws in an audience with mystery and conflict (mainstays of cinema)—deliver an empathetic message which opens the audience's hearts. Because if you want to change someone's mind, you must change their heart first. And this poster is Step One in that process. Thank you, Morgellons community, for helping me—and entrusting me—with this mission. I hope you dig the art.

- Pi