Skin Deep explores the controversy behind Morgellons Disease: with its bizarre symptoms and contentious scientific proof, you’ll wonder who is delusional—the patients who believe or the doctors who deny.


A nurse squares off against a dermatologist as they fight to discover the truth behind Morgellons, a disease whose bizarre symptoms include fibers growing out of victims’ skin. The battle heats up when the medical industry declares the patients’ symptoms to be nothing more than products of delusional minds. Now, as evidence linking Morgellons to Lyme disease mounts, the question becomes "Who is delusional, the patients who believe or the doctors who deny?”



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A re-creation clip from Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons Nurse Practitioner Betsy Anderson describes the reaction when Cindy Casey Holman, her former co-worker, did a fiber demonstration for her colleagues in the MSICU at California Pacific Medical Center. Music by Andrew Gross. Follow us on facebook at
Medical historian Harry Quinn Schone, PhD, explains how a complete inversion of the normally benevolent doctor-patient relationship has transpired with Morgellons disease.

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Before she became a Naturopathic Doctor who treats Morgellons and other diseases, Courtney Day was a Morgellons patient. Her dermatologist accused her of self mutilation and recommended a treatment: handcuffs.

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International Lyme & Associated Disease Conference
October 31, 2019
, 4:15pm • The Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA •
Director Pi Ware, Dr Randy Wymore & Eboni Cornish MD in attendance
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Forum for Integrative Medicine • March 27, 2020 • Seattle, WA • Director Pi Ware in attendance


Environmental Health Symposium • April 2, 2020 • Scottsdale, AZ • Director Pi Ware in attendance


more coming soon….


WORLD PREMIERE @ The Awareness Festival • October 5, 2019, 2pm • Regal Cinemas @ LA Live in Los Angeles
Cindy Casey-Holman RN, Marianne Middelveen, Dr Randy Wymore, Harry Quinn Schone PhD, Edward Hu, Dr Brian Hu, Betsy Anderson RN in attendance.
Also director, producers, cinematographers, editors & crew in attendance.
Meet us at Bar Figueroa after the screening at 4:30pm for an informal gathering to continue the conversation

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