SKIN DEEP_Dr John Koo writing.jpg

“A beautifully constructed, honest and earnest call-to-action about one of the most baffling and stigmatized illnesses of our time."

Andy Abrahams Wilson, director of
Under Our Skin

"A superb documentary exploring the skin-crawling disease of Morgellons and the plight of its sufferers. A reminder that physicians need to be open-minded about emerging new diseases."

Kris Newby, author of Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons

"Pi Ware's documentary is a revelation! It illuminates a complex medical condition with compassion and clarity. The viewer experiences the challenges and triumphs of people who have Morgellons Disease, while learning about the limitations of current treatments, and the potential for improved treatments through research. While I would make this film a requirement for all healthcare professionals in training, it is fully understandable by any viewer who may be learning about Morgellons for the first time. I could not recommend this film more highly."

Amelia Withington, MD, Medical Director of Behavioral Health at The Family Practice and Counseling Network, Philadelphia, PA

"As a family physician I have witnessed Morgellons symptoms in my patients, yet when I tried to engage infectious disease experts, dermatologists and rheumatologists for help with treatment, no one had any suggestions or willingness to help. The documentary Skin Deep is a huge step forward in opening the eyes of the medical industry to this real disease.”

Philomena Pirozzi, MD

"Excellent review for the public. A balanced, well researched documentary on this complex syndrome revealing the emotion of chronic disease."

George Veech, MD