Studies show that infection—not delusion—causes Morgellons disease.

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Morgellons is a disease whose symptoms include fatigue, slow-healing lesions, GI disturbances, and—most notably—fibers growing from patients' skin. Morgellons became controversial when a large portion of the medical industry declared those symptoms to be nothing more than products of delusional minds. Regardless of how many doctors choose to believe this is just delusional thinking, tens of thousands of people suffer from Morgellons disease.

Recent peer-reviewed scientific evidence that links Morgellons to Lyme disease has proven that the source of the suffering is biological--likely a bacteria named borrelia--suggesting that the real delusion lies in denying the science, symptoms and suffering of Morgellons patients.


While our documentary gives voice to both sides of the debate, the film focuses heavily on the new science and the need for empathy for those patients mercilessly caught between doubt and a lengthy scientific process.

There is a period of time, a time before the science of a disease is widely accepted, a time when doctors say "What you're suggesting goes against what I learned in medical school", a time when patients with a new disease are vulnerable to the prejudice and arrogance of otherwise well-meaning physicians. Medical history is rife with similar examples: from ulcers (once believed to be caused by stress, now proven to be caused by bacteria) to Multiple Sclerosis (blamed on "hysteria" until the MRI was invented) to lupus (over 50% of all lupus patients have been told their symptoms are "all in their head"). There is a period of time when the victims of a disease are "blamed" for their disease, and the resulting shame, confusion and anger doubles their suffering. Morgellons patients are living in that time right now.

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Morgellons disease is a complex issue. Not everyone on the internet who uses the term "Morgellons" is sick with the same thing or even signifies the same malady. In fact, conspiracy theorists who claim Morgellons is government mind control via chemtrails get more YouTube hits than trained scientists explaining the infectious process of Morgellons disease.

Adding to those complexities are the psychological and neurological symptoms that Morgellons disease can cause. Like syphilis, meningitis, or brain cancer, when a disease infects brain tissue, a patient's speech, behavior and perceptions can become very odd. Meaning a patient can be delusional and have Morgellons disease. As with a brain tumor, the source of strange psychological symptoms can have a biological source.

Because of the complexities and the stigmas surrounding Morgellons disease, the world needs a professional documentary film that both explains and legitimizes this disease. Skin Deep is that documentary.


Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons is poised to educate the world about Morgellons disease.

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Together we can make a difference. We can educate young doctors and nurses about Morgellons disease. We can foster empathy where there was once dismissal. And we can change the world for the better.

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Pi Ware
Director, Skin Deep: The Battle Over Morgellons

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